I'll poke you in your scar tissue.
Eels - Things the Grandchildren Should Know
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Eels - “Things the Grandchildren Should Know”

I do some stupid things
But my heart’s in the right place
And this I know

If you don’t think she is the cutest you are wrong

Je voudrais un bonhomme de neeeeeige

maxxxie74 said: Yeh, because so many women non-romantically ask people out over and over, and reschedule their lives to work around last-minute things that pop up!

It’s not like that :D I think she finds me nice, but that’s all :)

You don't know who I am either, you silly. I wanted you to know that I think I do, there it is.

Well, I don’t know what to say ^^ thank you seems weird for that kind of things, but thank you

crush ON you. Obviously.

Uh. You can’t. You don’t know me. But thanks :D


I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.



I really hope they aren't crushing you. I would hate to have a smashed Marion. D:

Easiest way to have a flat stomach tho (moisturize me)

I think I crush you

Like crush on me or crush me ? x) (damn i’m so funny)



what if the new animal species we discover each year are actually being dropped off by aliens? like they have an over abundance of yeti crabs or something and so they brought some to earth because they knew we’d get a kick out of this


This is the cutest conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard

If you say so~


U know that's the kind of things someone can do when they like like u~

Or when you just enjoy taking to someone~

Looks like someone's got a crush on youuuu~

I don’t think sooooo~